Great Women Of Country (CD Album)

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Great Women of Country and the songs that made them is a collaboration by two of Australia’s finest country stars, and today marks the release of the first single from the new album, a Dolly Parton classic cover 9 to 5. The single is accompanied by an energetic and fun video clip to be featured on Foxtel’s CMC (Country Music Channel).

It is a collection of 22 classic country songs, bringing together Melinda Schneider and Beccy Cole’s love of country music. As Schneider puts it “both Beccy and I had always thought about doing an album like this individually … but I woke up one morning and the idea wouldn’t leave me alone, so I called Beccy and asked: wanna do it together?”. And so they have.

Great Women of Country is not just a rich legacy of songs, it is the inevitable collaboration of two of Australia’s most accomplished and most experienced country music stars – singers well equipped to reach back and bring forward music that holds a very special place in people’s hearts.